Spinnaker Award Recipient

The Minnetonka School District has awarded The Great Frame Up with the Spinnaker Award, a community service award. The Spinnaker Award recognizes volunteers, contributors and business partners who–like a Spinnaker–are out in front, full-sail, leading our district toward the fulfillment of the districts vision, which is so critical to the mission of our school district.

The Minnetonka School District Spinnaker Award is presented annually to individuals or groups who exemplify volunteerism, community and serving the greater good. Like the spinnaker on a sailboat, the groups or individuals recognized with this award are out in front, full-sail, leading us toward the fulfillment of our dreams. These individuals are powered by the winds of passion, hope, confidence, and inspiration. Honorees may be individual volunteers, financial contributors, volunteer project or event groups, business partners.

Photos complimentry of Kemmetmueler Photography (click to enlarge)

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